“Wow”, What can I say, I started with Game-Time maybe 2 years ago, and ever since we’ve had winning football seasons and hoops too, and spilt or so the last 2 baseball seasons!  I need Game-Time’s Big Ten Stuff!

Phillip Caputo, Bayside, New York

“I am a football only guy, But won’t be with out it! You Rock Fred!”
Paul R, Palm Beach Florida

“Since I have joined I have never played so smart, I have turned a losing prop into a great part-time gig, and lots of extra cash, Thanks Guys!”
Wally P, Chicago, IL

“Baseball is what I love to Bet!!, Football & Hoops I mess around with, but when I get serious in the summer, I always join GTS, I am a school teacher and love to bet baseball…It’s my passion, I guess it is a job to you guys”
Peter R, Rockford, IL

“Thanks Guys, enclosed is payment for march maddness.. Nice year this year!…Keep up the good work.
T. Russo, Brooklyn, NY

“I can’t say it was our best year, but I know we did better than last year and all my friend’s other services! Thanks, I am glad I kept this a secret from them, To Bad, Good for Me, Thanks Fred.
Roy Bernstein
Oak Brook, IL

“Here is my payment for the rest of hoops, I can’t wait till baseball starts…Pitchers & catchers soon.. I know u guys are excited too!
Marco Tarli
Chicago, IL

“WOW what a roll you guys have been on with your 9* and 10* plays in the NBA and College hoops!! I am so glad i signed up thru March Madness!! I can’t wait for the Big Dance to start !!!  Keep up the good work!!
Thanks, Joseph Viccaro
Brooklyn, NY


“Enclosed is my early bird membership payment, we lost a big one last week, But man, what a roll we were on!  Thanks Again!”
Paul C
Bayside, NY

“Being a 3 year Game-Time member, I was weary about joining a special VIP club…It was well worth it!!
I profited 65 of my own rated units using your VIP Line!, Nice!
Thanks, Vince Portera
WoodRidge, IL

Baseball membership is enclosed…Thanks for a so-so to good basketball season.  Postseason 10* run 5-0 Nice.  I know my bankroll will grow now huge before football begins…Thanks
Roy Warner
Dallas, TX

Payment enclosed….Fred, not one of GTS’s best year….we still won but not as huge as in the past, but winning is winning…See ya
Greg Silverman
Skokie, IL

“Great play on the GOY, Thanks, and continued Good Luck!!
Rick Wassermann
Evanston, IL

“My 4th Straight year with you guys, lets make it a good one!!, well Great One!!
Willie R
Ft. Worth, TX

“Here is my 2005 Football pac payment…Lets Rock AGAIN This Year!!”
G Silva
Dougsville, GA

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Perry Miller
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Mike Bonner
Phil, PA

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Richie P
Lombard, IL